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TerranScapes ~ Custom Terrain Gallery

Enhanced Gladiator Arena
(Completed 6/11)

This arena is intended for use with Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) based on the customers request. To that end, a subtle 1" grid pattern was added to the floor to facilitate movement and combat rules. Numerous esthetic changes were made to the piece to enhance its appearance and realism. Extensive hand sculpted vines line the outer wall which itself was distressed with a roto-tool to age its appearance. Rust effects, blood splatters, and dust were added to the columns, walls, and doors to add detail and a sense of story to the piece. Based on on-going dialogue with the customer, some minor additions (an extra set of columns, monster entrances, more foliage) are likely to be added, and when completed will be shown here as well.

See the video of the arena on YouTube.

See the newest video of the arena showing enhanced foliage on the outside wall, on YouTube.